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Marketing Programs

With its recent merger, VOConline now offers marketing opportunities to tap into your target segment and collect feedback, drive awareness or promote your new product.

Turnkey Webcast Program - This is a completely turnkey opportunity to create an audience and education platform for your company's products or services. Indicate your target audience, date, topic and provide a speaker - we'll do the rest !   VOConline will manage:

  • recruitment of webcast participants to match your target demographics
  • event center site development and registration
  • web conferencing logistics including pre-, live- and post-event coordination

Managed Survey Program - VOConline provides a fully-managed survey program for companies who need to collect feedback from a specific demographic audience. Once we understand your target criteria, we will segment our comprehensive database to identify an audience that meets your requirements. VOConline manages the creation and execution of the survey and delivers you a complete analysis of the datapoints collected.

Whitepaper Program - Whitepapers are time-intensive and expensive to produce and getting it disseminated to a quality audience is vital to achieve ROI. Based on your target audience, VOConline identifies an audience that meets your criteria and delivers a series of co-branded email blasts to drive whitepaper downloads.

Product Seeding Program - If you need help getting your evaluation product out to market, let VOConline drive the adoption of your evaluation using a series of co-branded emails and personalized call-downs.

Whether you need to target by skill level, occupation or industry, VOConline can segment an audience that fits your needs and provide fully managed marketing programs to deliver tangible results.

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